Governors’ section.

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 Latest Updates

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Welcome to our Governors’ section.

The governing body is a group of volunteers elected by parents and staff or nominated by the local authority.

We work with the headteacher to decide on the strategic direction of the school, how the budget is spent and raising standards in all areas of school life.

We do this so that the children have the best education that they possibly can have.

The full Governing Body meets twice a term, with one of the meetings each term set aside for the Governors to look at the school’s progress towards targets set out in the School Development Plan.

We have three committees:

  • Admissions Committee
  • Finance and General Purposes
  • Policies, Curriculum and School Improvement

The committees meet twice every term and we sometimes set up working parties to develop particular ideas or in response to particular issues.

If you would like to contact me or the governing body at any time then this can be done through the school office.

Mr Alan Rainsforth – Chair of Governors (School Gov email address)

The role of the governing body

Working in partnership with the head and other staff, governors are involved in:

  • setting the school’s aims and policies;
  • improving standards of teaching and achievement;
  • setting the school’s budget plan and monitoring expenditure;
  • interviewing and appointing teachers and support staff;
  • acting as a link between the local community and the school;
  • dealing with complaints about the school;
  • drawing up an action plan after an inspection, and monitoring the success of the plan

St Ethelwold’s Governors.

 GB Membership 2016-17

  • Gov interests register
  • Annual Report

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Committee Structure

Committees Members
Admissions* Rev. S Green (Chair), P Oliver, J Evans, G Cooper
Finance & General Purposes A Rainforth, J Evans, P Oliver, T Axon, I Doughty
Policies, Curriculum, & Improvement R Dawson (Chair), C Bow, L Blackburn, P Oliver, Rev. S Green, G Cooper
Vision & Mission All Governors
Staff Disciplinary / Dismissal* All Governors
Pupil Discipline* All Governors
Staff Disciplinary / Dismissal Appeal* All Governors


* Statutory committee[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]