Headteacher’s Blog

This week’s blog comes with apologies for the lack of a blog for the past few weeks – we are back on track now and you will once again be able to catch up all of the week’s events in our ever busy school.

You may have noticed our circle of silver birch trees on the field?  Our ECO councillors wrote to Toyota in Deeside requesting a little funding and were delighted to receive £1000 which we were free to use to develop the school grounds and to help to protect against air pollution.  With the help of the brilliant and enthusiastic Iwan from North Wales Wildlife Trust, the ECO councillors bought the silver birch trees and planted them in a circle to create an outdoor learning space which will be used by the whole school in the warmer spring and summer months.  The trees will grow to be around 30 feet high and will be a lasting legacy of the ECO Council’s work.

The ECO council have many more plans for the green development of the school and the grounds – watch this space…


The Prince William Award sessions in class continue to be hugely enjoyable events each and every Wednesday afternoon. The coach, Dylan Jones, expertly leads the children through the activities and they are met with enormous excitement and anticipation.  This week, after playing a number of warm-up games (including Zoom) the pupils focused on looking after each other and this move to First Aid where class 3 were taught how to deal with cuts, grazes and how to apply a sling.  Dylan then set up a crime scene where groups of 3 were asked to deal with ‘casualties’ in front of the rest of the class.  Not only are the pupils having a great time, they are picking up important life skills along the way.

On Friday, our Foundation Phase held a beautiful and touching Mother’s Day Service.  The Foundation Phase Team served tea and coffee with delicious scones lovingly made by the children after which, parents were presented with a card and flowers along with a portrait of themselves drawn by the children.  Look out for the photos and a story in the Flintshire Leader soon.


Our nutrition workshops ended this week after 6 weeks of parents working with their children to cook tasty and healthy meals.  The feedback we have had from the workshops has been very good and we will look to do more of the same for more of you in the not too distant future.  In the meantime, Mrs Weaver is working on delivering further 6-week activity blocks after Easter…