Hello and welcome to another head teacher’s blog and news of events and happenings in the weekly life of St Ethelwold’s VA School as we begin the countdown to the Easter break.

Speaking of Easter, the juniors have been busy this week preparing cards for our Easter to trip to the pensioners bungalows.  This annual trip is much anticipated by all members of our school community and allows our pupils to reach out and give something back to the community.

We will bring you photographs and a report of the visit in next week’s blog

Class 3 have spent a period of time looking at the important worldwide issue of Fairtrade as part of Fairtrade Fortnight.  To begin with they visited the Coop where store manager Colin spoke to the children about how Fairtrade enables farmers from Developing Nations to secure a fair price for the work which they and their families put into producing crops.  Cooperative organisations then get involved to ensure that areas like education, health, shelter and clean water are addressed in the Developing Nations.  The children were even given a bit of Fairtrade chocolate to taste which I understand they enjoyed greatly (I have noted that none came my way Mrs Blackburn…).

After designing and making Fairtrade posters, the children wrote a formal letter to parents and carers to invite them to a coffee afternoon which was held in school on Friday.  The afternoon was well attended and managed to raise £67 for the Fairtrade cause.  Well done to everyone in class 3 for a thoroughly enjoyable and successful project.



Our Eco Council continue to impress me and the entire school community with their hard work and successes.  Their latest achievement was to secure further funds to enhance our Spiritual Garden, Again with the help of Iwan and his band of merry volunteers from North Wales Wildlife Trust, the Eco Council managed to lay down a mesh in and leading up to garden so that it can be used throughout the year.  At the same time they wheelbarrowed countless loads of bark chippings to help to protect the newly planted trees.  Great work ECO Warriors – keep it up!


Class 1 have taken part in a shape hunt this week and arrived en masse in my office on Wednesday looking for pentagons.  After quickly reminding myself that pentagons have 5 sides we set about looking but to no avail!  Countless squares and rectangles were found they could not find a pentagon in the school.  If anyone has a pentagon shaped item in their house, take a photo of it and let us have it for the next shape hunt!




That brings to an end another weekly blog, for dates and times of upcoming events, please look on the website.

Have a great weekend everybody – see you all on Monday.