Hi and welcome to the weekly blog where we try to keep you informed of all the events and happenings in school over the last week and bring you news of future events.

The photographs you will see are taken directly from our Twitter account – if you enjoy what you see and would like to view more like this, download the Twitter app on your phone or tablet and follow our Twitter account which is @st_eths where, as well as catching Wayne Rooney’s version of his latest misdemeanours or keeping up to date with Donald Trump’s many and varied messages to the world, you can have a window into our school and ‘be there’ on your child’s education journey.

Class 1 have continued their autumn theme and have made bird feeders which are placed around the school grounds. The feeders are made from breakfast cereal and I’m fairly certain that a few pieces will have been ‘tested’ for taste before letting the birds have any (just to be sure that the birds will like it…).  This action of threading may at first glance look like a simple activity to feed the birds but in reality, the teachers are expertly promoting your child’s development in areas such as:


  • Hand eye coordination and muscle strengthening thus preparing for writing lessons later
  • Team spirit and collaboration where pupils learn to share, assist and collaborate with their peers
  • Maths skills – the children talk about size and pattern of the feeders
  • Concentration – activities such as this improve concentration span
  • Empathy for the world and the creatures within it


The pupils have also enjoyed an autumn walk around the local area and discovered what happens to the trees and leaves in this colourful season.

Class 2 have been researching our rich Welsh cultural heritage this week and have found out the location of some of our major castles and our now able to confidently place them on a map.  This type of learning is hugely important as children find their place in the world by having an understanding of how the country was shaped in the past.


Speaking of Welsh heritage, children in class 3 have honed their rugby skills in PE this week.  From these early steps, we could potentially see the next Sam Warburton or Carys Phillips (if you don’t know who they are, Google them!)


The Prince William Award in class 3 worked on the qualities of teamwork and leadership within a team and the group played games and taken part in activities that were, first and foremost, a whole lot of fun, but which also developed their resilience and problem solving skills. The games – Crossing the River & Crossing the Snake Pit – used steps and planks of wood and whilst the pupils were initially frustrated, they persevered and collectively solved the problem.  We will arrange a Wednesday afternoon in the near future where we invite class 3 parents into school so that you can see at first hand the amazing Prince William Award in action – watch this space…

Swimming lessons started in class 4 under the skillful tutelage of Mr Griffith.  As you may know, Mr Griffith is a bit of an expert swimming instructor and your child could not be better coached – they are sure to make great improvements.  Even if you are not a confident, strong or stylish swimmer (I fall into the latter category – I swim with the grace of juvenile giraffe) you can help out your children enormously by taking them to the local swimming pool for a splash around so that they gain water confidence.

You may remember that last week class 4 learned map reading skills?  They have taken that learning and extended it in maths this week by using coordinates.

Learning continues at pace in our afterschool clubs.  Word must have got around about Mr Griffith’s Coding Club, when I went in to see what they were doing, numbers had pretty much doubled from the previous week. As traditional industries decline, technology has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy and there are very few jobs where having a technology skill is not an advantage.  This week the club members added the backgrounds to their animations.


The new school dinner menu has proved very popular.  Remember, you can now pay for school dinners by downloading and using the Schoolgateway app – it would help out Mrs Warrenger and Miss Jackson if you pay this way and we all know that a happy secretary results in a happy school!


Notes for your diary


Monday 16th October – we will have a photographer in school to take the next set of photographs for our school website.


Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th October are parents evenings – if you haven’t yet signed up for an appointment, please contact school.


Wednesday 18th October is the closing date for applications for the midday supervisor job


Thursday 19th October at 3.15pm – the fundraising committee invite all parents/carers to a meeting to make the arrangements for the Christmas Fair on 1st December


Friday 20th October – individual and family photographs