Hello and a warm welcome to the last head teacher’s blog of what has been a challenging yet extremely rewarding Spring Term.  It doesn’t seem like five minutes since we arrived back after Christmas yet here we are rapidly approaching Easter weekend.

I have to start with reporting on the sad news of Mrs Warrenger leaving our school after thirteen years hard labour sterling service at St Ethelwold’s.  Mrs Warrenger is a wonderful and beautiful human being who will be missed by all the staff, children and I am sure, you the parents and carers.  She had a great send off and she has passed on her thanks and gratitude to each and every one of you for making her time here enjoyable.

After their frustrations at being unable to find a pentagon anywhere in the school (there’s got be one somewhere surely!), class 1 have enjoyed constructing 3D shapes this week.  They used straws and modelling clay (and a whole stack of patience and concentration) to build a variety of quite complex shapes.  I think we may well have some budding engineers of the future on our hands here!


We held a More Able and Talented Day on Wednesday where we invited pupils from local primary schools including Ewloe Green, Northop Hall, Venerable Edward Morgan, Queensferry CP, Golftyn,  Penarlag and Hawarden Village School to take part in a range of Prince William Award activities.  As you know from reading this blog, our pupils have been participating in the programme since September and we saw this as a chance to showcase the incredible potential of this scheme to other school and children.

Class 3 held a Medieval Day on Wednesday which was massively enjoyed by our pupils but that paled into insignificance when compared to the enjoyment levels of our parents and carers who attended.  Your costumes were awesome! I saw maids, princesses, wenches, queens, hunters and even medieval leisure wear,  I thought I’d walked onto the set of Game of Thrones!

Joking aside, it was a spectacular success with heartfelt thanks to parents and carers for the unbelievable effort you put into the children’s costumes but with special praise and thanks to Mrs Blackburn, who, as always, totally threw herself into the day and made sure it was a resounding success.



Our nursery children took part in an Easter Egg hunt on Thursday and although I was not there to witness it, you can tell from the faces of the children in the photographs that it went down very well indeed.  What could be better than spending a morning searching for and then eating chocolate eggs?  Happy days!  Thank you to Mrs Ellis for organising that.


Finally, this morning we visited the local community of pensioners to deliver handmade cards and an Easter gift of chocolate.  The older people were tremendously happy to see us and many made donations to the school.  We absolutely do not do it for this but we are hugely grateful and touched by their generosity.