Hello and welcome to another head teacher’s blog and news of events and happenings in the weekly life of St Ethelwold’s VA School. This is the last blog before our short break and there has been a lot happening!

This week class 2 and 3 have been on their bikes, scooters or pushing prams around to raise money for a new outdoor sandpit for the school, a massive well done and thank you to everyone involved!

This week at Peep, which is a program to encourage parents to become involved in children’s learning, we ran literacy and maths, they include craft, games, songs that they can use at home to help to learn in fun way, the children and their parents have been looking at maths in everyday routines, numbers in books, toys and games and they have even been doing some singing! I think the parents may have enjoyed Peep more than the children did this week.


We have also had a sneak preview of the dance fest work that class 3 is performing. The performance is on Wednesday, June 20th.

Over the next few weeks, there will be no Headteachers blog, this is due to us upgrading our school website! There will be two phases to the website upgrade and the first is starting on the 4th June, so keep an eye out for the next blog, which will hopefully be on 29th June.