Hello and Welcome back after our break after phase one of our website upgrade, this phase has mainly been concentrating on the background workings of the site (coding and other magical things that make a website work!). We want to thank the guys at Designerjuice for their hard work to get the ball rolling with the site and we look forward to seeing what it looks like. This week’s Headteachers blog is full of fantastic things that have been happening in the past week.

Class 3 have had a busy week with their fun run, which was terrific! Thank you to everybody who sponsored us. We look forward to our second event in two weeks – the toy and craft sale. Lovely costume by the way Dylan!

You will have seen before our break that class 3 were practising for their dance for the dancefest, this week they did it! Thank you for supporting them in the evening. Twenty four children were involved in the dance and everybody had a fabulous time! Well done to the children and Amanda who taught us all of the moves.

To see the videos please check out our twitter page.


Class 1 have been busy planting this week, they have been learning about how to nurture and feed the plants to help them grow.


Once again class 3 have been hard at work, they have been learning how to speak Russian! They have been taught so much about this country for our International week project. Well done class 3! and a huge Thanks to Lisa for helping us with our learning.