Newydd School Meals

School dinners are provided by Newydd Catering & Cleaning. All meals are £2.80 a
day. If you wish your child to have a school dinner, please send the correct money in
an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and the amount of money
enclosed.You may also pay at the school office or using the school gateway app.
Payment for school meals must be received in advance of meals taken as we will not
allow parents to accrue a debt. Failure to provide a child with meal payment or a
packed lunch will result in a basic meal of sandwich and drink being provided at a
cost of £1. Persistent failure to provide a child with meal payment or a packed lunch
will result in school contacting Children’s Service as advised by Flintshire County

If having a packed lunch, your child will need to bring their lunch in a suitable
container, again marked with their name. Please do not send in cans or glass bottles.
Fizzy drinks are not allowed in school and we encourage children to choose a healthy
lifestyle where crisps and chocolates are discouraged and fruit and healthy choices

Application forms for Free School Meals should be made
online by clicking on the following link to the Flintshire
County Council website:

Flintshire School Meals

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Who Are We

The school vision at St Ethelwold's VA School is to: "Be The Best You Can" "Bwddwch eich gorau". This vision cascades throughout the fabric of the school and is central to the work of the school. The school community believes that a strong commitment to effort will lead to high standards of attainment and achievement and also to the important life skills of perseverance and resilience. Effort will be both reported on and rewarded.

Where Are We

St Ethelwold's VA school

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