Person Centred Practice (PCP)

Person Centred Practice (PCP) is based on putting children and young people at the centre of a strong, continual process of listening and learning about what is important to and for them, now and in the future.  You and your child will be supported to understand and participate in the decisions ehich are taken that affect them.  You will be provided with appropriate reassurance, and offered opportunities to raise concerns and have your questions answered.

Sometimes learners may require a more personalised approach to support them in school.  In this instance staff, in collaboration with Parents/carers and the child may utilise person centred tools.  

  • One Page Profiles-The foundation of person-centred support, a one-page profile
    contains key information about an individual’s character, gifts and
    talents; what is important to them; and the best way to support
  • Appreciation tool-This tool is used to gather information on what others like and
    admire about an individual; their gifts, talents and interests.
  • Good day/Bad day-This tool is used to gather information on what makes an individual’s
    day good or bad, and what you can do to make sure they have more
    good days than bad days.
  • Aspirations-Helps you to find out, based on an individual’s gifts and talents, what
    is important to them, what they want to be, and what they want to
    do. What steps can they take?
  • What's working and what's not working-A snapshot from different people’s perspectives of how things are,
    what’s working well, and what needs to be different. It can focus on
    one small area of the learner’s education or be more general.
  • Communication chart-What is this individual communicating through their behaviour, and
    how do they want you to respond?
  • Decision making profiles and agreements-A picture of the decisions a learner makes, how they make them,
    and the support and information they need.
  • Relationship circle-A visual summary of who is important in an individual’s life
  • Learning log-A record of an individual’s learning that helps you see what needs to
    stay the same and what needs to change.
  • 4 plus 1-A thinking tool that helps you reflect on what has happened by
    looking at what you’ve tried and learned, are pleased about and
    concerned about – and then helps you decide what you’ll do next.

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Who Are We

The school vision at St Ethelwold's VA School is to: "Be The Best You Can" "Bwddwch eich gorau". This vision cascades throughout the fabric of the school and is central to the work of the school. The school community believes that a strong commitment to effort will lead to high standards of attainment and achievement and also to the important life skills of perseverance and resilience. Effort will be both reported on and rewarded.

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