Open The Book

Open the book is a storytelling ministry where local Christians come together and form storytelling teams.  They go into school and share Bible stories by acting, miming and using puppets.They dress up and creatw mesmerising props.  They bring Bible stories to life!

Teams can be a mix of local Christians and we are lucky that one of our Governors, Tim Byram, leads our local group.

Who Are We

The school vision at St Ethelwold's VA School is to: "Be The Best You Can" "Bwddwch eich gorau". This vision cascades throughout the fabric of the school and is central to the work of the school. The school community believes that a strong commitment to effort will lead to high standards of attainment and achievement and also to the important life skills of perseverance and resilience. Effort will be both reported on and rewarded.

Where Are We

St Ethelwold's VA school

Melrose Ave,